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The Cagayan Freeport has abundant potential that makes it a viable center for agri-industrial activities because of Cagayan Valley’s bountiful land and marine resources which is likewise strategically located along international trade routes. Its proximity to Asian market, skilled manpower resources and port facilities make it suitable for production, processing and manufacturing activities in the areas of livestock, aquamarine, forestry and fresh produce. An industrial park adjacent to Port Irene is identified to house manufacturing and processing companies from light to heavy industries. Once fully utilized, the area shall be expanded for agri-industrial and commercial purposes. The development and operation of the industrial park is open to interested parties for joint-venture or direct investment schemes.


This covers the manufacture of industrial goods and also covers the manufacture of modular housing components and machinery and equipment inside the Cagayan Freeport Zone.

    1. Essential Goods
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • PPEs
      • Sanitation Equipment
    2. Essential Services
      • Packaging Materials
      • IT Equipment
      • High-Technology Industries


This covers commercial production of agricultural, fishery and forestry products as food production has always been a crucial part of the economy (including processed food) that can be promoted and established inside the Cagayan Freeport Zone.

      • Hybrid Crop Production
      • Agri- Processing
      • Swine and Poultry Production and Processing
      • Distribution and marketing
      • Farm equipment and machinery
      • Feed Mills
      • Agricultural Innovations
      • Bamboo Production and Processing


This covers the establishment and operation of physical infrastructure vital to economic development and prosperity inside the Cagayan Freeport Zone.

      • Pipeline projects for oil and gas including Oil Depot
      • Bulk water treatment and supply
      • Training facilities
      • Testing Laboratories


This covers industries engaged in port transshipment, freight forwarding, cargo handling, warehousing and storage inside the Cagayan Freeport Zone.

      • Available spaces for storage and warehousing at the CEZA 3- Four Units Warehouse and Offices
      • Cold storage facility operations for meat/ fish processing plants, meat importers and other perishable products
      • Petroleum transshipment storage, export and import


This covers research and development and activities adopting advanced digital production technologies of the fourth industrial revolution such as but not limited to:

      • Robotics
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Data Analytics
      • Digital Transformative Technologies (cloud computing services, hyperscalers, data centers, digital infrastructures)
      • Nanotechnology including Nano electronics
      • Biotechnology
      • Smart Cities
      • Fabrication Laboratories
      • Establishment of Centers of Excellence

And with the Master Development Plan of Cagayan Freeport in which five (5) districts have been identified ( Port Irene District, Centro District, San Vicente District: Marina and Resorts and the Sinago District) together with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of CEZA and the Local Government Unit of Santa Ana, development of key infrastructure components will surely make the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport an enclave of pleasant business areas and living communities balancing work and play.

It has its own unique competitive advantage and economic development objectives which promotes a huge number of sectors reflecting the strongest competitiveness and prospects for investments.

Ultimately, it will become a gateway to the international markets for the products of East Asia and a hub for investment, tourism and recreation together with the promotion of environmental sustainability.


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