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Du30 to donate seized smuggled vans, Hummers to police, LGUs

By: Vito Barcelo
Manila Standard

President Rodrigo Duterte said he would donate at least 10 seized smuggled luxury cars to the police and military to be used for their anti-crime operations and military work.

“Now, there are some I did not want destroyed. The vans and Hummer,” Duterte said during the public condemnation of 68 luxury sedans and eight high-end motorcycles at Port Irene in Sta Ana, Cagayan on Tuesday.

Duterte announced that he will donate to the military and to the police some of the vehicles that were seized in Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

More than 10 vehicles, including vans and a Hummer were not destroyed as they will be turned over to the police and military after undergoing legal process.

“There are Hummers. How many? I’m sure I heard more than 10. I could not exactly remember what was the figure. But I said I do not want to destroy it because I’ll give it to the military and the police for their use,” he said.

Meanwhile, local governments in Cagayan will receive the seized vans, according to the President.

Duterte has repeatedly warned would-be smugglers to stop their illegal activities as he vowed to go after them and employ the full force of the law and put them in jail.

“Stop it because nothing gets there,” he warned.

The Chief Executive also want Customs personnel linked or involved in smuggling identified.

“You identify the employee of the Bureau of Customs and I will call the idiot-—baka tinawagan na—to come to Manila, to my office, we will talk,” he said.

“Do not use government funds in coming here. It should be unofficial, private. Bring along your chief of office. Because he has a take, it will not happen, the corruption if there was go signal,” the President said.


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