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CEZA aims to penetrate digital market – Enrile

SANTA ANA, Cagayan: With its strategic geographical position, the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) is being groomed as an ideal option for the gaming investment and digital markets.

CEZA Administrator and Chief Executive Officer Katrina Ponce Enrile said investors and locators may also consider the modern infrastructure and support facilities on top of a clear set of policies and systems that make CEZA a haven for operators and players.

She said the geographical location of the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Free Port (CSEZFP) puts it in a favorable position to conveniently penetrate the gaming and digital markets of the Asia-Pacific region and the United States.

“This makes it suitable for the industry leaders, professionals and players to seamlessly connect and for the businesses to strategically tap a vast network of trade and commerce,” said Enrile.

During the recently held Sigma Asia/AIBC Summit at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City, Enrile reintroduced CEZA’s land-based and online gaming package. She also highlighted CEZA’s continued efforts to keep up with the changes of time.

She said CEZA is continually expanding its infrastructure and upgrading its facilities as she acknowledges how advanced and innovative the operations of the gaming and digital industries are.

“The CEZA can be a safe haven for operators and players. As a pioneer gaming jurisdiction, [the ecozone] is well-prepared and equipped to select, scrutinize and monitor the operations of its registered gaming companies [with its] established comprehensive regulatory framework and a stringent betting process to safeguard both the operators and players,” explained Enrile.

To fortify CEZA’s statute as a reputable gaming authority, she said the ecozone is continuously refining its systems and processes.

“To make this possible, CEZA is making all efforts to streamline its process, reduce bureaucratic red tape and ensure a smooth journey for licensees by embracing an investment-centric approach that fosters a culture of growth, collaboration and innovation,” said Enrile.

She added that integrity is at the core of CEZA’s approach. It also offers an environment where operators can operate with confidence, knowing they are part of a clean and transparent industry.

She also assured that safeguards are enforced to capacitate CEZA to stand as a shield against misguided elements of law enforcement.

“[While it] is committed to providing the necessary policies and system to prevent its licensees from becoming conduits for money-laundering or associated with criminalities, [CEZA] is also committed to protecting its licensees from undue harassments or unwarranted interferences caused by syndicated strategies, abuse, exploitation, coercion and extortion,” Enrile said.

CEZA said it is integrating retired generals from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and First Scout Ranger Regiment in its security force.

Enrile said this will strengthen the ecozone’s security and law- enforcement capability with the creation of a dedicated security force. Its role will be to coordinate with fellow law enforcement agencies and implement strategic manning, intelligence sharing and swift action.

“This will not only fortify [CEZA’s] law-enforcement and monitoring systems but will also eliminate revenue leakages and provide a platform for a fair and equitable ecosystem for all industry stakeholders,” she added.

She also noted that this drive to reinforce the gaming and digital industries coincides with the mandate of CEZA to generate investment and create opportunities for economic growth and employment opportunities in the CSEZFP.

“This also adheres to the directive of the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to maximize revenue collection through investment generation and aggressive revenue collection,” Enrile said.,gaming%20investment%20and%20digital%20markets.


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