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PEPA is the mother association of all the sub-groups who provide various tourism related services to visitors to Palaui. PEPA manages the Nature Village where the Bayanihan Hall, eco-lodges, survivor corner, massage huts, kitchen of the catering group, weaver’s production area and honey hunter’s production area are located. Sub-groups include the following:

  1. Palaui Island Guide – 168 island guides had been trained providing safe and enjoyable hikes through 3 established trails namely Lagunzad Trail, Leonardo’s Trail and Siwangag Trail. The first two was named after the ecologist and botanist who were involved in the identification of the flora and fauna of the islands in 2007. Both passed away in 2010.

  1. Palaui Reef Guide – 32 reef guides had been trained by the Department of Tourism and today snorkeling tours are also being conducted in 5 established snorkeling sites, one of which is the giant clam garden in the marine protected area.

  1. Palaui Women’s Catering – a group of women members decided to establish a catering business so that they can earn from the provision of meals and packed lunches to hikers and visitors.

  1. Palaui Island Honey Hunters Marketing Coop – a group of Aetas, the indigenous people in the island were organized to refine their honey collection techniques. The Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO), Cagayan State University and the Department of Trade and Industry provided technical assistance for the group to pack and market the first high value consumer product of the island, the Dorsata Honey.

  1. Palaui Island Spa – the island has local healers or “manghihilot” who use traditional healing techniques and local herbs as simple remedies for aches and pains. In order to enhance their skills, a training was conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA. The community spa was created to highlight this cultural practice and provide healing massages to visitors who will come and stay for the night at Nature Village, the camp site.

  1. Palaui Weavers – these are skilled weavers trained by the Department of Trade and Industry and have availed of their assistance from the Shared Service Facility Program. They weave different type of baskets and other souvenirs.


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