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CSEZFP (Cagayan Freeport) Districts

San Vicente District 2:
The Resorts

The San Vicente 2 District or the Resorts is conceived to rationalize the development on the Anguib, Nangaramoan and Pozo Robo beaches. The district will have a central tourist hub that will connect the different resorts to be established in the area as well as integrate support facilities in sustaining tourism operations such as food production.

The district has numerous development areas located in valleys of its mountainous regions or divided by mangrove forests, waterways and large rock formations on the coast.

The proposed central tourist hub is envisioned not only to connect the different resorts in the district but to also serve as the district’s commercial and service center that offers facilities and services different but complementary to those in the individual resorts. These facilities may include neighborhood-level commercial retail facilities, convenience stores, a medical clinic for emergencies, money exchange shops, a pasalubong center or bazaar selling local delicacies, a dormitory-hotel for drivers and service persons, a cluster of small restaurants, etc.


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