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CSEZFP (Cagayan Freeport) Districts

San Vicente District 1:
The Marina

The San Vicente 1 District or the Marina will focus on the development of long wharf which will accomodate leisure fishing boats, sail boats and luxury yachts, and position the Freeport into a premier game fishing destination. Hence, is envisioned as the Santa Ana’s tourism and logistic hub and the gateway link to Western Nautical Highway.

Also, the Marina District includes various leisure parks, like the Waterfront Park, Alpha Palawig Hotel and Development, Proposed Palaui Island Eco-Tourism, and the Wharf. Apart from these, a Solar Farm Site is also set to be established, in support to the sustainability of the power supply in the area.

The current completed development in this district is the construction of new San Vicente 100m Causeway and Wharf. This allows larger marine passenger vessels to dock and accommodate passengers bound for the beautiful beach and island destinations of Northern Philippines like Palaui, Fuga, and Calayaan.

Other proposed developments eyed in the Marina Districts are the: logistics-related facilities, district-level commercial facilities, neighborhood level commercial retail facilities, low to medium density residential communities, civic and institutional facilities, and social services.


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