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Other Industries


The Cagayan Freeport has abundant potential that makes it a viable center for agri-industrial activities because of Cagayan Valley’s bountiful land and marine resources which is likewise strategically located along international trade routes. Its proximity to Asian market, skilled manpower resources and port facilities make it suitable for production, processing and manufacturing activities in the areas of livestock, aquamarine, forestry and fresh produce. An industrial park adjacent to Port Irene is identified to house manufacturing and processing companies from light to heavy industries. Once fully utilized, the area shall be expanded for agri-industrial and commercial purposes. The development and operation of the industrial park is open to interested parties for joint-venture or direct investment scheme



The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority is set to be the logistics hub through the integration of a land, sea and air transport infrastructures creating an intermodal logistics system. Port Irene Seaport, Cagayan North International Airport and the North Cagayan Railway will facilitate the seamless movement of cargo and passengers to destinations around the world.


Port Irene, which is the closest Philippine port to Taiwan, Hongkong, Eastern China, Japan and Korea would serve as a gateway for raw materials, goods and finished products from the Cagayan Freeport. Port Irene also lies along the international shipping routes between East Asia and the US West Coast.


Cagayan North International Airport, features a runway with a 2.1 km by 45 meter runway, a state of the art control tower, a terminal with 500 seating capacity, and an apron capable of accommodating two A320s or 737s. The airport currently accommodates an AVRO RJ100 charter flight three times a week from Macau.


North Cagayan Railway would initially connect Port Irene with Lallo Airport in the quick and seamless transportation of goods and passengers. Later on, the railway would be connected to the Philippine National Railway system.



The Philippine Government promotes the rational exploration, development, utilization and conservation of mineral resources guided by its commitment to responsible minerals development. Cagayan Valley is known to have abundant supply of mineral deposits, particularly magnetite ore, gold, nickel and manganese. The province’s rich mineral supplies, together with Port Irene’s close proximity to the international shipping lanes, are considered to be an advantage for this industry. Port Irene currently caters as a jump-off point to mineral loading and exportation services to nearby countries like China and Russia.