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Investment Mission in China turns very fruitful for CEZA

CEZA joined the business delegations that travelled to China on May 08-13, 2018.

The delegation was welcomed by Mr. Alex Fu Kong Sang, Mr. Amando Lito Jimenez, Mr. Xiaxong Cai and company

The CEZA head, Sec. Raul Lambino, met with some potential investors from Hong Kong.

Guannan Group, one of the major textile manufacturers in China, hosted a welcome dinner program for the Philippine delegation on their first night.

On May 09 2018, the delegates visited the Shaoxing Economic Development Zone (SEDZ) where the world’s biggest textile manufacturing is located and met with the members and workers of Shaoxing Textile Association. Shaoxing Group of Investments includes a textile manufacturing company, which has an area totalling to 21 hectares and is the supplier of 35% of the world’s textile consumption. The estimated annual gross revenue of the zone is RMB 1 trillion or Ᵽ8.25 trillion.

Members of the Shaoxing Textile Association, China Light Textile City Enterprises Development Association of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City representing 28 chambers of commerce and industry, also met with the delegation. Sec. Lambino, through an Audio-Video Presentation (AVP), discussed the opportunities that CEZA could offer to potential investors and invited the group to invest in the zone. He cited various factors why it is a good decision to invest in CEZA, including the natural beauty of the island, the beaches, the aqua marine resources and the incentives that the investors are entitled of.

The delegation also joined the Philippine Investment and Trade Conference attended by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce with 25 representations, namely, (1) Shaoxing, (2) Hebei, (3) Huzhou, (4) Shandong, (5) Zhuji, (6) Jianxi, (7) Fujian, (8) Hunan,
(9)Henan, (10) Jinhua, (11) Jiangsu, (12) Hubei, (13) Ruian, (14) Hangzhou, (15) Linian, (16)
Tai Zhou, (17) Anhui, (18) Chaosan, (19) Quigtian, (20) Niulao, (21) Sichuan, (22) Weuling,
(23) Celico Trade Association, (24) Enterprise Development Association, and (25) Clothing Association of Xiaoxing.

Representatives from the various chamber of

commerce in China showed interest to CEZA during the Q and A portion of the program.

A dinner meeting was also hosted by the SEDZ. Also present was Mr. Meng Bo Gan, Provincial Committee Chairman of the Communist Party in Hangzhou.

The delegates also met Mr. Kang Zhongmin, Director of Xiamen Rural Commercial Bank and President of Xiamenwuhua Group

The delegates also met with the officials of the Shanghai Hi-Tech Park, which also manifested interest in working with CEZA.

CEZA also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with PMC Capital for Digital Economics Development during this investment mission.

Other itineraries of CEZA included meeting potential investors, such as the group let by Atty. Edward Lee from Shanghai, Ms. Xiao Lu and other officers of BeNoble Corporation.


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