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CEZA, The New Destination For Foreign Financial Investors

By: Rishma Banerjee

Foreign financial investors and analysts are becoming more and more interested in CEZA, 400km upper east of Manila, Philippines.

The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) is offering a wide range of business ventures from tourism related industries to web-based gaming and financial innovation administrations for digital currency and bitcoin organizations; all at one place.

Raul Lambino, administrator and CEO of CEZA,

“Businesses will find CEZA a truly friendly area for their investments. We are easy to do business with and are transparent. There is no corruption here and our deadline for doing things is always yesterday… We have become a favourite economic zone of investors coming from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.”

The zone comprises of 54,119 hectares of urban land and is located strategically at the northeastern tip of the Philippines, surrounded by the waters of Balintang channel, the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and is at the intersection of universal delivery courses between the west shoreline of North America, the Far East and Southeast Asia.

A significant aspect of CEZA’s improvement is the foundation of the Crypto Valley of Asia (CVA), which plans to launch the monetary zone into a mechanical greenhouse for the world’s next surge of notable budgetary innovation advancements. CEZA, collaborating with the biggest industries worldwide, is looking forward to form the primary monetary zone in Asia to direct, permit, and spread overseas money-related innovation answers for organizations and overseas virtual cash trades. This will be facilitated by backing the endeavors creating money related items identifying with blockchain, digital money, installment arrangements, distributed computing, computerized reasoning, robo-exhortation, and other monetary innovation arrangements.

“… we are making CEZA a sandbox for the development of these disruptive technologies, serving as a laboratory for interested parties to experiment on these new dimensions of business enterprise,”

Lambino says.

“In such a short time, we were able to transform CEZA from a public agency dependent on government subsidy to one that is self-sufficient. Before I took over, we were 80 million pesos in the red. Now, we are earning more than 800 million pesos.”

Lambino’s vision, influenced by the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, reaches out past CEZA as he is hoping to recreate the office’s accomplishment in Cagayan to different regions in northern Luzon, for example, Clark and Subic.

Philippines has been termed as one of the most Bitcoin-friendly countries one can come across, and with the government’s favorable stance toward cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the CEZA can be well expected to flourish in the near future.


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