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The CEZA 2024 Sports Festival was successfully conducted in two series on February 27-28, 2024 in Sta. Ana, Cagayan for its employees in Cagayan, and on April 18-19, 2024 in Mandaluyong City for its employees in NCR. Each series involved a 2-day activity for men’s basketball and women’s volleyball competitions. A 3 team-double elimination game format was followed for both basketball and volleyball games.


The first series was held at San Vicente Gymnasium and LGU Gymnasium Sta. Ana, Cagayan. This series was participated by three teams each for both the men’s basketball and women’s volleyball competitions. The first team consisted of players from Tuguegarao and Lal-lo Offices, the second team consisted of players from CEZA Corporate Center, and third team consisted of players from Ports Irene and San Vicente.


The basketball game was won by Team Port Irene and San Vicente. Mr. Erick Taduyo was acclaimed as the most valuable player (MVP). The Mythical Five for the basketball game were as follows: Mr. Mark Anthony Rabanal (Corpo Team) , Mr. Jhon Lee Ignacio (Corpo Team), Mr. Jurie Bello (Team Port Irene and Port San Vicente) , Mr. Erick Taduyo(Team Port Irene and Port San Vicente), and Mr. Creton Bulong(Team Port Irene and Port San Vicente). Volleyball mythical six include Ms. Sheena Nepomuceno(Corpo Team, Ms. Grace Brioso(Corpo Team, Ms. Euclid Jamon(Corpo Team, Ms. Maricris Goyagoy(Team Port Irene and Port San Vicente), Ms. Soffy Owek(Team Port Irene and Port San Vicente) and Ms. Aizel Gonzales(Team Port Irene and Port San Vicente).


Moreover, Team Corporate Center was the champion for the volleyball event. Ms. Sheena Nepomuceno was hailed as the MVP for this game.


The second series was held at Gameville Ball Park, Mandaluyong City. It was graced by no other than Sec. Katrina Ponce Enrile, CEZA Administrator and Chief Executive Officer who gave an inspirational message that highlighted the value of sportsmanship and camaraderie and the importance of sports in promoting employee well-being and team spirit while maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


This series was also participated by three teams each for both the basketball and volleyball competitions. The Green Team was led by Deputy Administrator for Operations – Atty. Marichelle De Guzman, the Blue team was led by Deputy Administrator for Support Services -Ms. Perla Tumaliuan, and the Yellow team was led by Administrator and CEO – Sec. Katrina Ponce Enrile.


During the elimination rounds of the basketball event, Green team outplayed Yellow and Blue teams scoring 2 wins and no loss. Yellow and Blue team both struggled to get a win over the other in order to secure a slot for the Championship round. After an intense and close game, yellow team emerged victorious, allowing them to face the Green team for the final and championship round in the following day.


Meanwhile for the volleyball section, the Green team easily pounced their way over the Blue and Yellow team, garnering 2 wins and no loss in the elimination round. Blue and Yellow team face off in the last round of the elimination, where yellow team prevailed and clinched their way to the finals.


On the second day of the event, Yellow and Green team faced off once more for the basketball and volleyball games. In the volleyball section,the game concluded in favor of the yellow team after winning 2 consecutive sets, thus making them the 2024 volleyball champions. In the basketball event, the green team unleashed their lethal arsenals and outscored the yellow team in the fourth quarter of the final round, thus winning the championship.


The MVP Award for the basketball game was given to Mr. Julius Castillo of the Green team. The Mythical Five for the basketball game were as follows: Mr. Julius Castillo(Green), Mr. Mario Cabatcha (Green), Mr. Joshua Jabonete( Green), Mr. Ric Burton (Yellow) and Mr. Rowell Lara (Yellow).


Ms. Michelle Agabin of the Yellow team received the MVP award for volleyball event. The mythical six for volleyball were Ms. Michelle Agabin (yellow), Ms. Christine Hernandez (yellow), Ms. Perla Tumaliuan (Blue), Ms. Analiza Carao (Blue), Ms. Apple Aguinaldo (Green), and Ms. Novie Achanzar (green).


The CEZA Sports festival is an annual event that aims to encourage its employees to showcase their skills and talents while boosting their physical fitness and observing a healthy mental awareness through sports. The sportsfest underscores CEZA’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, while developing a more dynamic thriving community.


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