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CEZA Delegation in Leshan City, Sichuan, China

By: Michelle Agabin

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), a national foreign trade and investment promotion agency which is committed to advancing foreign trade, two-way investment and economic and technological cooperation that serves as a significant bridge and platform that facilitates communication and cooperation in the business circles inside and outside China has invited Secretary Raul Lambino to visit Leshan City, Sichuan, China. Since the Secretary was on official travel with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on the Second Belt and Road Initiative Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, China where CEZA would be signing series of Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with major Chinese companies for various investments in the zone, he sent out a delegation of CEZA Officials and personnel to represent him instead last April 28 to May 1, 2019 at Leshan City, Sichuan, China.

Visit @ Sichuan Chuannan Shock Absorber

The Sichuan Chuannan Absorber Group Limited which was established in 1972 started to research shock absorber of motorcycle in 1984 and has taken the lead in developing successfully the first hydraulic-spring shock absorber in China in 1986. Now it has developed into a professional manufacturer of shock absorbers of motorcycle and auto which integrates research, development, production and selling. It is the appointed supplier of shock absorber of Honda global procurement.

With more than 2,500 staff and covering an area of over 350,000 square meters and a capability of producing 25 million pieces of motorcycle and e-bike shock absorbers and 1.5 million sets of auto shock absorbers, the Sichuan Chuannan Group continuously keeps to be the first brand in China and tries for becoming well-known brand in the world with main consumers such as Global overseas Honda (including Japanese- Honda, Indonesian- Honda, Thai- Honda, Malaysian- Honda) and being exported to over 40 countries and regions.

They are interested to establish a manufacturing area/ plant for production of shock absorbers and other spare parts of Honda motorcycles in the Philippines.

Visit @ Leshan Dongchuan Machinery Company Limited (Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer) and Sunway Company Limited (former Sichuan star Cable, Co, Ltd.)

The Leshan Dongchuan Machinery is specialized in manufacturing crusher, rice mill, corn thresher, grinding machine and electric motors. With 20 years of experience, they can supply good quality products and service. They own a technical research and development department that produce machinery with drawing and sample.

Sunway Co., Ltd. Is committed to production, sales and services of special cables such as cables for nuclear power plants, cable for wind and solar energy power generation, cables for marine and mining, aluminum alloy conductors and cables. The company establishes stable strategic union of production, study and research with Nuclear Power Institute of China, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Science and Technology University of Harbin, Sichuan University, Shanghai Cable Research Institute and Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute. It has over 130 national patent certificates, 12 national and provincial new product and technology improvement prizes, and 15 key projects which are included in national torch plan and provincial technology innovation plan.

Visit @ Leshan Zhonghe Agricultural Science and Technology Company Limited

Leshan Zhonghe Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., takes agricultural production and trade as the threshold, through “Internet” and other agricultural technology, through the construction of high quality agricultural products, trade and circulation platform to open up agricultural channel access to achieve the safe and efficient configuration from the field to the table.

After six years development, they were able to set up 6 subsidiary companies namely: Sichuan Jiamuyuan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.; Sichuan Fund Food Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.; Leshan Mairun Information Technology Service Co., Ltd.; Sichuan Muyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Sichuan Zhongyu Weirun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.; and Sichuan Moruo Tourism Investment Co., Ltd.

They are particularly interested in the development of CEZA’s industrial zone with initial area of 100 to 200 hectares and the development of Port Irene for the transshipment of manufactured products in and out of the country wherein they are planning to develop the said area into a medium-sized manufacturing area.

Visit @ Junhe Environmental Protection Company Limited

Sichuan Junhe Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in Sichuan province, China. Having the ability of systematic integration, the company has independent intellectual property rights. Over a decade of efforts in the field of environmental protection and the powerful support of the government greatly promote the development of the company. Currently, the situation of environment is becoming increasingly worse, while Junhe develops rapidly, having the potential of becoming the world-class supplier for comprehensive environmental protection services.

The company has a scientific research building that covers an area of thousands of square kilometers. The building is equipped with research laboratories of perfect functions and with over 50 sets of testing equipment, which provide good testing site and hardware guarantee for the technical research. Their company is building the first production line for wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) in the southwest of China, which will provide technical and equipment support for emissions of multi-pollutants.

Exchange Meeting on Industry and Trade Cooperation

The CCPIT has arranged for a focus-based meetings with the different industries in Leshan City including government firms namely: 1) Leshan Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, 2) Junhe Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., 3) Panda Station Hotel Chain, 4) Sicuan Xudong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 5) Leshan Culture Radio Television and Tourism Bureau, 6) Leshan Commerce Bureau, 7) Leshan Zonghe Agricultural, 8) Leshan Economic Cooperation and Foreign Affairs Bureau.

As one of the first open cities in China, Leshan has established friendly exchange and trade cooperation relationship with 110 countries and regions. Major projects like Chengdu-Guiyang Railway, Chengdu- Kunming Railway, Lianje- Leshan Railway, Leshan Airport, Minjiang avionics, Renshou-Muchuan- Xinshi Expressway and Leshan- Xichang Expressway are under construction at a fast pace. After the Minjiang avionics project is completed, it will open to navigation for 1,000-ton vessel all year round and 3,000-ton vessels in wet season.

Deputy Administrator Agrimero Cruz presented CEZA’s selling points as an investment destination and laid our predicate for our push to invite more businessmen to invest in our country through our economic zone which provide incentives for these foreign investments, as well as into our tourism industry which lacks adequate infrastructure and support services.

He emphasized that the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport is not only a port town but also a manufacturing center, a tourism jewel with pristine beaches, and a growing entertainment destination with something unique to offer, which is financial technology services for cryptocurrency and bitcoin companies, and on-line gaming.

Visit @ Leshan Giant Buddha and Great Emei Mountain

Leshan is China’s excellent tourist city, a famous historic and cultural city in China and one of the first batch of national- level pilot areas for tourism reform and innovation. As an ideal land for both habitation and tourism, Leshan embraces over 50 million domestic and overseas tourists every year.

In terms of tourism industry, they are committed to accelerate the construction of Leshan into a world important tourism destination and promote the following four aspects, namely, the integration of the development of culture and tourism, the improvement of tourism reception capacity and quality, the combination of natural and urban landscape as well as the development of holistic tourism.

First, the integration of the development of culture and tourism mainly focuses on creating “Great Emei”, a world-class brand of cultural tourism and tapping into cultural content of Leshan Giant Buddha. Second, the improvement of tourism reception capacity and quality mainly relies on two core scenic areas, Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt. Emei to plan and build a recreational belt.

Third, the combination of natural and urban landscape depends on ecological advantages of mountains and rivers to create a landscape belt with three rivers and six shores step up efforts for protection and inheritance of old downtown area, and carry out projects such as historical and cultural streets. Fourth, the development of holistic tourism aims to connect characteristic tourism in 11 districts and counties with a travel link, to foster new forms such as recreation, health care, culture and innovation, etc.


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