Requirements for Complete Application for CSEZFP Registered Enterprise


  • Completed application form (CSEZFP Form 99-1.pdf)
  • Fee for processing amounting to US$200 or equivalent in Philippine pesos at current exchange rates
  • Project Feasibility Study, indicating the basic/data information on its technical, financial, marketing and management capability and competence to undertake the proposed project within the CSEZF
  • Copies of relevant documentation of legal status of the business enterprise
    • Article of incorporation and by-laws
    • Partnership Agreement
    • SEC License to do business
  • Name and address of legal agent if not a corporation or other business organization established in the Philippines
  • If there is foreign ownership, proof of inward remittances and/or investment or other proof of financial acceptance to CEZA.
  • Evidence of intended physical location of the enterprise within the CSEZFP (e.g. Certificate of Title. Deed of Sale, Lease Agreement, Commitment Letter, and other similar documents
  • If part of larger business enterprise doing business outside the CSEZFP, evidence or restructuring which excludes from the operation of the CSEZFP Enterprise all business operations taking place outside CSEZFP
  • List of assets and other properties comprising the investment to be made
  • Application Forms for Work Permits for any expatriate personnel
    List of references that may be contacted to verify the information included in the application, including a commercial bank and/or financial institution and independent auditor
  • Certificate under oath that the CSEZFP Enterprise applicants will comply with the Master plan as may be adopted and amended from time to time
  • Undertaking that applicant shall not at all times conduct any unlawful activity, such as but not limited to smuggling, illegal fishing and the like, and shall abide all laws of the Republic of the Philippines, rule and regulation by CEZA to have committed unlawful and/or prohibited activities, CEZA may motu profio, cancel their Certificate of Registration as a CSEZFP Registered Enterprise (pro forma attached)