Get a Cape Engano View of Sun and Sea this Summer

The Cape Engano lighthouse gets a face lift, the start of a series of restorative works that hopes to rebuild the tower from what is left of over a hundred years of existence.

The century-old lighthouse, built in 1887, rests on the summit of a hill at the northeastern most point of Palaui Island in the province of Cagayan.

A Technical Working Group for Palaui Restoration comprised of representatives from the UP-Asian Institute of Tourism and a team of engineers from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) made initial surveys on the lighthouse on October 25-29, 2005 and has found safety and cleanliness as priorities in the restorative efforts.

Palaui Island is found in the province of Cagayan, part of the area under the development project of CEZA.

“We are starting work on the lighthouse to make it safer and cleaner,” says Gabriel L. Lingan, CEZA Business Enterprise Service Officer . “We hope to prepare it for nature-loving people to enjoy come summertime.”

Lingan says foremost of the clean up effort includes removing the graffiti on the walls and eliminating hazards in the lighthouse area such as suspended beams that may be easily blown off by strong winds. “We need a lot of work on the fences and the stairs,” he added.

The team hopes to finish the initial works just in time for the next summer, best season to get a breathtaking view of sunrise, sunset and ocean from a single viewpoint.

“The lighthouse is a good overnight camping ground. You see the sunset, sunrise, and the ocean all from one view point,” Lingad adds. “We hope that with the safer and cleaner Cape Engano lighthouse comes an awareness of Palaui Island on the whole.”

Modern navigational aids have not put out just yet the Cape Engano lighthouse, a beacon, powered by the sun, that flashes every 30 seconds; 2 flashes in succession. The lighthouse is used primarily by navigators coming from China, Taiwan, and Japan, as well as the Islands of Guam, and further a field from the west coast of the United States.