Guidelines for CEZA Enterprise Registration

CEZA Administrative Order No. 002 Series of 1999

Requirements for Enterprise Registration

  • Application fee of US $200 or its Philippine Peso equivalent at current exchange rate;
  • Completely filled CEZA Application Form;
  • Project Feasibility Study;
  • Copies of relevant documentation of legal status of business enterprise (articles of incorporation and by-laws/partnership agreement/SEC license to do business);
  • Name and address of legal agent if not a corporation or the business organization established in the Philippines;
    If there is foreign ownership, proof of inward remittance and/or investment or other proof of financial capacity acceptable to CEZA;
  • Evidence of intended physical location of enterprise within the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport (CSEZFP)(i.e., Certificate of Title, etc);
  • If part of a larger business enterprise doing business outside the CSEZFP, evidence or restructuring which excludes from the operations of the CSEZFP enterprise all business operations taking outside the CSEZFP;
  • List of assets and other properties comprising the investment to be made;
  • Application Forms for Work Permits for any expatriate personnel;
  • List of references that may be contacted to verify the information included in the application, including a commercial bank and/ or financial institutions and independent auditor;
  • Notarized Certificate under oath that the CSEZFP Enterprise applicant will comply with the Masterplan as maybe adopted and amended from time to time;
  • Notarized Undertaking that applicant shall not at all times conduct any unlawful activities;
  • Notarized Statement of Confirmation of Intent.

Note that certificate of registration is renewable for a maximum period of 10 years.

Requirements for Renewal of Enterprise Registration

  • Renewal Fee of US$200 or its Philippine peso equivalent at current exchange rate;
  • Letter of Intent to renew CEZA Certificate
  • Endorsement Letter from FCLRC (for interactive gaming support services/service provider)
  • Development updates of the company, which includes the (a) Projected Financial Statement and (b) Employees’ Status Report
  • Annual Audited Financial Statement and Income Tax Return
  • Tax clearance from the office of the revenue collection officer at CEZA Sta. Ana, Cagayan